Democrats vote down every single Republican amendment to impeachment resolution

Seventeen amendments proposed by Republicans to add transparency and due process to the House Democrats’ impeachment resolution were defeated along party lines, Breitbart reported.

For the past month, House Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff have been running a secretive, “Soviet-style,” sham of an impeachment inquiry consisting largely of closed-door hearings and selective leaks of information to the media, a process that has largely excluded Republicans, and certainly the president, and has been anything but transparent.

Impeachment resolution passes

The Democrat-controlled House voted Thursday to adopt the resolution, codifying the secretive process that has been taking place.

The liberal-leaning Lawfare blog noted that the resolution authorizes six congressional committees — Intelligence, Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, Oversight and Reform, and Ways and Means — to continue their respective secretive impeachment investigation hearings. The Schiff-led Intelligence Committee will continue to lead in a break from normal procedure that would have the Judiciary Committee in charge of the inquiry.

Republican amendments voted down

One of the amendments put forward by Republicans would have allowed the president’s counsel to participate in any of those committee hearings. Its defeat means the president’s counsel is only permitted to take part in Judiciary Committee hearings — which is notable given the fact that the bulk of the hearings are being held in all of the committees except the Judiciary, which will simply come into play at the end of the process.

The resolution does grant equal time for questioning witnesses to the ranking minority member of the Intelligence Committee — Rep. Devin Nunes — but doesn’t allow him to distribute any of his time to other members, only professional staffers. An amendment that sought to rectify that problem was summarily voted down. Similarly, an amendment that would have granted minority members equal right to object to witness testimony was voted down by Democrats.

Democrats have argued that President Donald Trump doesn’t have a right to “due process” in these proceedings because they are equivalent to a “grand jury” criminal process. Republicans countered by noting that the process has been replete with selective leaks from the Democrats, which would be illegal in any sort of real grand jury proceeding.

A wholly partisan effort

Rep. Debbie Lasko (R-AZ), a member of the House Rules Committee, noted in a tweet, “After nearly 3.5 hours, ZERO of 17 Republican amendments were agreed to by committee Democrats. And Democrats are claiming this resolution will provide the minority w/ rights…”

Likewise, the official Twitter account of the House Rules Committee Republicans noted in a thread that they were given fewer than 24 hours to prepare for the hearing on Wednesday, that all of their amendments, ideas, and legitimate questions had been dismissed as “sideshows” and “not a big deal,” and that the entire resolution was “nothing more than a box to check in their quest for impeachment at all costs.”

It’s all a sham

It is worth noting that the impeachment inquiry still has yet to be officially authorized by a full vote on the floor, passage of this particular resolution notwithstanding, as all it did was codify the sham processes that have been put in place over the past month instead of following prior precedent for impeachment proceedings.

Even Lawfare, as it not-so-subtly cheered along the resolution, had to note that it was a break from tradition and unlike any of the impeachments that have occurred before in this nation’s history.

Sadly, House Democrats appear to not care one bit about due process or fairness. They are arrogantly pressing forward in their obsession to impeach a president they have never accepted and simply don’t like.

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