Democrats cut Melania out of viral photo – are forced to apologize publicly

A Texas Democrat thought he could get away with embarrassing First Lady Melania Trump, but he was sadly mistaken.

After cropping Melania Trump out of the now viral picture from the Barbara Bush funeral, the politician has been called out and forced to apologize for his “mistake.”

The Picture

After Barbara Bush’s funeral, a picture started to go viral.

The photo was of George W, his father, his wife, Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Obamas, and Melania.

It was a “feel good” moment for politics and quickly went viral from people on both sides of the aisle.

However, the Lubbock Democratic Party Headquarters Facebook page had posted a photo with Melania cropped out…

When word spread of how the organization cropped Melania out, the group immediately came under fire for taking a cheap shot at Melania.

The Apology

It did not take long for all hell to break out regarding the backhanded insult.

Vice Chair for the group, Leo Flores, finally came out publicly when approached by a local news outlet to explain.

Flores said “it was an honest mistake.”

He further stated, “I apologize for posting an incomplete picture. I didn’t realize anyone was missing until it was pointed out.”

He further explained he had seen two pictures, one that was cropped and one that was not, but he somehow mistakenly posted the cropped picture.

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Sorry, Mr. Flores, we are not buying your lame excuse.

You know what you did and you know you did it intentionally.

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