Democrats consider changing the number of justices on the Supreme Court if they win the presidency

If you thought the Brett Kavanaugh saga is over, you were sadly mistaken.

Extremely upset over the conservative tilt of the Supreme Court after Kavanaugh was confirmed, Democrats are now considering adding two more justices to the Supreme Court.

Still Going After Kavanaugh

The Democrat fight against Kavanaugh is far from over.

While some Democrats have retreated and are licking their wounds, others are still pursuing him in the hopes of impeaching the new associate justice.

Democrats in office are still aggressively pursuing Kavanaugh’s records from his time in the George W. Bush administration.

There are also rumors that Democrats are continuing to pursue private testimony that will somehow refute something Kavanaugh stated while under oath.

But if that does not work, there are some other plans in the works.

More Justices

One plan that has been floated depends upon the Democrats gaining a majority in Congress and winning the White House in 2020.

If they do, there are more than a few people that believe they will try to add two more justices to the Supreme Court.

If that happens and they have the White House, a Democrat would be nominating the two justices, giving the high court a liberal tilt.

Before you say they can’t do that — they can.

While the Constitution established the Supreme Court, it does not dictate how many members are to sit on the court.

Initially, in 1789, six members were seated, but that number was changed to seven in 1807.

In 1837, the number climbed to nine, and was increased to 10 in 1863.

Congress reduced the number back to seven in 1866, but it was once again raised to nine in 1869.

The Constitution has left it up to Congress to dictate how many justices are needed, so if Democrats win a majority in the House and Senate and have a president in the White House, adding seats to the Supreme Court is something they may very well consider.

This tactic was actually tried one before by Teddy Roosevelt, who wanted to stack the court with friendly justices to ram through his New Deal legislation.

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His efforts were thwarted by Congress, just as conservatives must thwart the new Democrat threat by voting Republican in November as well as the 2020 election season.

As you can see, if Democrats regain power, there are no lengths they will not explore to tilt the system in their favor.

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