Democrats' concern grows as RFK Jr. qualified for another 2024 ballot

 January 27, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has qualified for another state's 2024 general election ballot. 

This, according to The Hill, is causing concern among Democrats.

The concern appears to be that Kennedy could take votes from the Democrats' 2024 candidate - presumably President Joe Biden - making it more difficult for Biden to get reelected.

Kennedy, of course, used to be Biden's top Democratic rival in the Democratic presidential primary. Kennedy, however, has dropped out of the Democratic primary, and he is now running for the presidency as an independent.

The latest

On Tuesday, Kennedy announced that he has qualified to be on New Hampshire's 2024 general election ballot.

Previously, it was announced that Kennedy qualified to appear on Utah's 2024 general election ballot.

Kennedy has launched a website where supporters can follow his efforts to qualify for 2024 general election ballots in states across the country. The website can be found here.

Kennedy has the Democrats worried

The Hill's report focuses on the growing concern that Democrats have about Kennedy's presidential run.

Democrats seem to be particularly concerned about how Kennedy could impact the general election in swing states. But, first off, Kennedy has to make the ballots in those states, which could prove problematic.

Biden and the Democrats, according to The Hill, are attempting to use a strategy "to cancel out the noise around Kennedy and other lesser-known contenders for now." In other words, they seem to be simply trying to ignore Kennedy - so as not to draw attention to him - hoping that he will just go away.

"The establishment is becoming more concerned . . ."

Kennedy, on Friday, posted a message to his X account claiming that the political "establishment is becoming more concerned" with his presidential campaign.

Kennedy wrote:

The establishment is becoming more concerned with my run. That’s what happens when an outsider disrupts the system. I’m not owned by Big Pharma or Big Tech. I’m not a career politician either. Our campaign is growing stronger each day and it’s all because of you. #Kennedy24. 

There have been various polls taken to try to gauge how Kennedy could impact the 2024 general election. Thus far, the polls have been, largely, inconclusive. Some say he could hurt former President Donald Trump more, some say he could hurt Biden more, and some say that he would hurt both candidates equally.

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