Democrats admit privately that Biden document find will end Trump scandal

Even as the media continues to claim that former President Donald Trump’s classified document scandal was worse than President Joe Biden’s, Democrats have begun to privately admit that the discovery of classified documents at Biden’s home and office will mean the end of the investigation into Trump.

“I think it takes the whole Trump scandal off the table,” one Democratic Party operative told Politico anonymously about the situation.

While partisans will probably not change their opinions on whether their person was more or less guilty of wrongdoing, the optics of charging Trump while ignoring the fact that Biden did essentially the same thing are not going to go over well with the voting public and will probably generate a lot of sympathy for Trump–not something Democrats have any desire to do.

McCarthy pointing out hypocrisy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is already pointing out the hypocrisy of Biden’s reaction when the FBI found classified documents at Mar-A-Lago.

“Here’s an individual that sat on ‘60 Minutes,’ that was so concerned about President Trump’s documents locked in behind him,” McCarthy said. “Now we find as the vice president he’s keeping it for years out in the open in different locations. I do not think any American believes that justice should not be equal to all.”

While the House doesn’t have a huge Republican majority, it will still have the power to investigate Biden ad nauseum if it feels like the two are being treated unfairly.

Differences not all in Biden’s favor

To be fair, the two situations are different, but Hot Air pointed out that not all of those differences are in Biden’s favor.

For one thing, Trump’s documents were all in one place, and had some Secret Service protection. Biden’s were in at least two locations–his garage and a Chinese Communist-funded think tank office–and had no protection other than a lock, ostensibly.

For another, Trump has maintained that he declassified the documents he had, while Biden did not have the authority to do so with his.

If Trump can prove he declassified the documents, then he did nothing wrong, while Biden has already admitted that he did take classified documents, even if he doesn’t remember it.

Moot point

It is probably all a moot point now, if Democrats are already admitting they can’t go after Trump without also going after Biden.

Yet another Democrat plot blown out of the water because they can’t keep their own noses clean.

Democrats are desperate to criminally charge Trump with something, but their options just got considerably fewer.

Looks like it’s January 6 or nothing–and they know they won’t be able to make anything related to January 6 stick because Trump didn’t tell anyone to enter the Capitol building or do anything illegal or violent that day.

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