Democrats accused of ethics violations for bullying Supreme justices

 June 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats are noted for their campaigns to bully the Supreme Court, another branch of government that is separate from their legislative power structure.

It was U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who at one point threatened that justices wouldn't know what hit them.

If they ruled against Schumer's agenda.

An ethics complaint later was filed over his threat, made outside the courthouse, "I want to tell you [Neil] Gorsuch. I want to tell you [Brett] Kavanaugh]. You release the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won't know what hit you."

It was when the court was considering an abortion case, and the threats were so egregious that even Chief Justice John Roberts called them "dangerous." Other Democrats have threatened to "pack" the court with their own hand-picked judges in order to gain a majority and the case outcomes that they want.

Now it seems that other Democrat senators could be in ethics case trouble – because of their verbal and written onslaughts against the justices.

These potential offenses, however, go deeper than simply an unwise bluster.

They involve the fact that the senators are members of the Supreme Court bar, those elite lawyers recognized and allowed to argue before the court.

As such, they are required to meet a higher standard for their behaviors.

And they haven't been.

A report from Fox explains Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., offered the suggestion that Democratic lawmakers are out of bounds ethically for making "recusal demands of the Supreme Court."

It was after reports of flags flown at Justice Samuel Alito's home arose.

"Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., 'potentially engaged in unethical professional conduct before the court,' the Republican leader claimed in floor remarks on Wednesday. Both are members of the Senate judiciary committee," Fox reported.

McConnell noted, "Three of our colleagues have taken it upon themselves to write to the chief justice and demand Justice Alito’s recusal in cases. One went so far as to tell the chief that he should strip Justices Alito and [Clarence] Thomas of the ability to write majority opinions unless they recuse from the cases liberals don’t want them hearing."

The ordinary "disgraceful bullying" by Democrats of judges in one thing, he said. This is another.

"These senators are telling the chief justice, privately, to change the course of pending litigation," charged McConnell said. And that's "ex-parte communications," which are banned.

Those are communications between any party and a judge without the other parties in a case being made aware. It's why all of those courtroom dramas show the judge instructing both sides to "approach the bench" when a question arises.

McConnell noted both Blumenthal and Whitehouse "appear to be members of the Supreme Court Bar."

"They are officers of the court and bound by a different set of rules than a mere senator," he explained.

McConnell said the behavior might even be subject to discipline.

Democrats, when told of an upside-down flag briefly flown at Alito's Virginia home, immediately demanded he step aside from any case related to the 2020 election.

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