Democrats accused of actually wanting to 'end America!'

 April 14, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It was many years ago already, but at the Denver convention for Democrats when Barack Obama was nominated, he ranted and grimaced, and promised America was about to fundamentally change.

Since then, the evidence shows he wanted to push the United States into a socialist realm of government mandates and control – remember the demands in Obamacare?

But Democrats now have gone far beyond, according to a commentary from Chris Queen, an editor at PJ Media.

Now, he explained, Democrats now want "to end America."

"For starters, the left has put all its chips in on abortion. It only took a couple of decades for leftists to go from 'safe, legal, and rare' to 'shout your abortion.' Killing babies has become a rite of passage for left-wing women, and pushing abortion is now a non-negotiable talking point," he said.

In fact, it's one of the key talking points on which Joe Biden has based his presidency.

"It has become important to the Democrats to advocate for abortion as much as possible because fewer babies mean fewer future Americans (and potential Republican voters)," he explained.

Then there's the "LGBTQETC" movement.

Also a Biden priority, Queen explained it "is antithetical to human flourishing because gay and lesbian couples can't naturally produce children."

But, he said, "The transgender movement is even more pernicious because gender transition puts transgender individuals at high risk for infertility. Democrats don't care that transgender people are messes of chemicals, wrong hormones, and fake body parts, and they definitely don't care that they're rendering thousands of individuals unable to have children."

Third up is the border crisis created by Biden when he took office and trashed all of President Donald Trump's security plans.

"Allowing so many foreign nationals to flood into the country brings in many potential new voters, and the Democrats are gambling on these illegal aliens voting Democrat as soon as they're able to," he said.

And there are the attacks on American freedoms and rights.

"Leftists will never back off from gun control, and we've witnessed time and time again how soft Democrats are on crime," he said. "But the principle most under assault in the U.S. these days is free speech. This move began under the Obama administration when his IRS went after conservative organizations, but the Biden administration and its cronies in Big Tech have turned the suppression of speech into an art form, labeling anything that bucks its narrative as 'disinformation.'"

He warned, "You can't speak out against what's going on in this country without the left attacking you. During COVID-19, leftist authoritarians tried to quell your freedom of expression and assembly if you didn't line up for the vaccine and its endless boosters. If you speak up against letting kids undergo transgender treatments, the left says you want kids to die. If you stand up for the unborn, you're anti-woman. If you advocate for Judeo-Christian values, you're a Christian nationalist."

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