Las Vegas Democratic official arrested for brutal murder of local investigative reporter

For the past several years, due largely to former President Donald Trump’s combative nature with reporters, Democrats and their media allies often accused Republicans of posing a potentially deadly threat to journalists, particularly those who covered politics and exposed alleged wrongdoing.

Yet, on Wednesday, it was a Democratic official in Las Vegas, Nevada, who was arrested and charged with the brutal murder of a local investigative journalist who had written a series of probing articles that exposed alleged wrongdoing in the politician’s office, the Conservative Brief reported.

Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, who recently lost his Democratic primary race in large part because of the series of damning articles, was taken into custody and charged for the slaying of Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Jeff German on Sept. 3 in front of the reporter’s home.

Evidence linked the politician to the murder of a journalist

According to The Washington Post, Las Vegas police said that Telles had been a “person of interest” in the murder of German almost immediately, but it wasn’t until a search was conducted of Telles’ home on Wednesday that evidence was discovered that definitively linked the politician to the journalist’s death.

During that search, a hat, shoes, and other clothing that matched surveillance camera footage of the suspect were located, and a sample of Telles’ DNA matched DNA that had been recovered from the scene of German’s stabbing death.

The Post further detailed how, over the past few months, German had published a series of articles that exposed a “hostile work environment” in Telles’ office as well as an extramarital affair with one of his subordinates — articles that had infuriated the Democratic official and prompted numerous complaints and borderline threats on social media.

It was also noted how, just prior to his death, German had filed requests for additional public records from Telles’ office in anticipation of additional follow-up reports on the scandalous behavior of the official.

“We are relieved Telles is in custody and outraged that a colleague appears to have been killed for reporting on an elected official,” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said in a statement Wednesday. “Journalists can’t do the important work our communities require if they are afraid a presentation of facts could lead to violent retribution.”

Media ignores, downplays Democratic affiliation of murderer

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that while all of the major news networks and media outlets reported on the brutal death of German and the arrest of Telles, the vast majority of those networks and outlets buried or flat ignored the murderous official’s political affiliation with the Democratic Party.

That would include, ABC, CBS, and NBC, among many others, and Fox News noted how the respective reports from those outlets simply described Telles as a “politician” or “local official” without denoting that he was a Democrat.

Indeed, even the above-linked Post article only made one passing reference to his partisan affiliation in the sixth paragraph when it noted that “Telles conceded a Democratic primary race” in June.

But remember — according to those same media outlets, and the Democrats they parrot and align with, it is Republicans and Trump supporters who represent the true threat to journalists these days.

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