Democrat Candidate Suggests Killing People to Take Away Their Guns

And so it begins…

Democrats have been testing the waters with violence for months, and now Daryl Fisher, a Democrat candidate for Sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina, is suggesting the killing of people to take away their guns.

My Cold Dead Hands

Conservatives, especially southern conservatives, find solace in Molon Labe.

They are also known to warn those advocating gun control that they only way to get their guns will be to pry them for their “cold, dead hands.”

And that is exactly what Mr. Fisher suggested.

While making a recent appearance, he stated, “Any weapon that is designed for use by the military I think we should ban.”

Then he dropped the bomb, stating, “You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from cold dead hands. Okay!”

There is no mistaking his intent on this one.

Either we give up our guns freely or Mr. Fisher suggests we be mowed down like cattle in the slaughterhouse to have them taken away from us.

Violence in the Norm

From the moment Trump became the Republican candidate, liberals in office as well as citizens have been advocating violence both against Trump and private citizens.

We have seen celebrities advocating assassination attempts against Trump.

We have seen groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA arm themselves with weapons to use against conservatives at rallies.

Only last week, a Democrat in office at a question and answer session advocated taking up arms against the President.

And now we have Mr. Fischer, a man running for a law enforcement office, suggesting we line up Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights and kill them to take their guns.

When Does It End?

As conservatives, we must make our presence known at the voting booths both this year and during the 2020 elections.

These are not middle of the road liberals running for office, but an example of the far-left gone horribly wrong,

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If they are able to gain control as Governors, Congressman, and Senators, our way of life will be extinguished.

Based on their most recent statements, liberals are literally suggesting not just the extermination of our political beliefs, but the actual extermination of conservatives.

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