Democrat vows to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas if elected

The Democrats’ impeachment talk is getting out of control.

A Democratic candidate for Congress, Massachusetts State Senator Barbara L’Italien, is threatening to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas if she wins her seat.

Another Witch Hunt

L’Italien’s proclamation is rooted in claims by Anita Hill during Justice Thomas’ confirmation hearings.

Hill claims that Thomas pursued her when she was his assistant.

She stated she repeatedly refused his advances, at which point Thomas started to discuss topics sexual in nature at the work place.

It should be noted, Hill followed Thomas to a new position AFTER these incidents of sexual harassment allegedly happened.

Thomas vehemently denied the accusations both then and now.

In 1999, Thomas was once again mentioned in a sexual harassment allegation.

This time, Moira Smith claimed Thomas groped her while they were at a private dinner.

Smith stated that while she was helping to set the table, Thomas was already seated.

While alone with Thomas, he allegedly “cupped his hand around my butt and pulled me pretty close to him.”

Thomas once again denied the incident, calling it “preposterous.”

The Justice believes in both cases, it was nothing more than an attempt to take down an “uppity” black conservative.

The ‘I’ Word

All of a sudden, impeachment is the magic word for Democrats.

L’Italien is using it to help her win a congressional seat just as Democrats are using it as a rallying cry to boot Trump out of the White House.

Much like the claims against Thomas, they are twisting events and making up facts to suit their narrative.

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Mind you, they are not promising to do anything for Americans other than impeaching the President.

And that is exactly why they will not be successful.

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