Survey shows Democrat voters prefer Clinton over Biden

If you were hoping for the Hillary Clinton hysteria to be over, you’d better buckle down because a new poll ensures that it is not about to happen anytime soon.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll shows that Hillary Clinton just passed up 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden as the favorite … if she were running.

Get ready for it…

Even though Clinton’s last few years have been a debacle, for some reason, Democrats are not quite ready to give up on her.

While Trump supporters have little to fear from Clinton, Joe Biden does. His campaign has been floundering as of late and it is pretty clear the public is beginning to lose faith in him.

Even more troublesome for Joe Biden is the fact that he was the candidate to suffer the most from Clinton entering the race. Biden would lose a full third of his support, accounting for almost half of Clinton’s hypothetical numbers…

Could it actually happen?

While the poll numbers are accurate, there is a lot of reason to doubt Clinton would end up beating anyone in the primary.

For instance, the poll was taken among those that “strongly identify” as Democrats.

So, the poll did not account for registered Democrats who are more moderate, which would be a huge problem for Hillary.

Secondly, the poll also added non-entity John Kerry to the mix, and his presence in the poll surely hurt Joe Biden’s numbers to an extent.

While Kerry only polled at five percent, it is a fairly safe bet that most of that support came from Joe Biden’s current supporters. Add even half of Kerry’s numbers to Joe Biden and he is back in the lead.

Clinton has refused to completely rule out a 2020 campaign, and sparked rumors with her comments that she might be looking for a rematch with Trump.

So should Democrat voters get excited about a possible Clinton bid? To quote Clinton herself, “Never, never, never say never.”

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