Poll: 70% of Democrat voters say there’s a crisis at the border

It’s taken a very long two years, but Democrat voters are finally coming around, much to President Donald Trump’s shock and delight.

In a recent poll, three times as many Dems now agree we have a crisis at our southern border.

Nancy Losing the Fight

There was a time when Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had the entire Democrat party eating out of her hand. She has served as Speaker of the House before and when Democrats won the House back in 2018, they were more than happy to hand her the gavel again.

For more than two years, she has fought back against Donald Trump’s claim that there was a crisis at the southern border. Initially, her entire party was behind her, at least publicly.

Pelosi herself even accused Donald Trump of manufacturing a crisis to suit his own narrative.

That sentiment has changed drastically over the last two years now, and more and more Democrats are finally publicly admitting there is a real problem at the border.

Finally Seeing the Light

When this whole debacle got started, only 23 percent of Democrats believed we had a problem with immigration at the southern border.

In the most recent CNN poll, however, that number has now risen to 74 percent. Even anti-Trump Republicans are finally seeing the light, as the support within the Republican party for the crisis has risen from 71 percent to 82 percent.

The funny thing about all of this is that the Democrats are largely to blame for the situation. Trump had the foresight to see where this was heading and declared an emergency months ago to try to prevent it.

Democrats dug in, however, and actually went so far in the other direction they encouraged even more immigrants to make the journey to cross our borders illegally.

The crisis was already there, but they made it far worse. So much so, in fact, the bulk of the party has finally come around to seeing things Trump’s way.

This is disastrous for Pelosi and company and while they may have had an edge before, they’re surely panicking by now.

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