Michigan Democrat credits treatment touted by Trump with saving her life

Over the last few days, there has been a massive battle regarding the effectiveness of experimental COVID-19 treatment hydroxychloroquine between Trump and his health experts and the mainstream media.

The argument against using this drug as a treatment for COVID-19 took a significant hit after Democrat State Rep. Karen Whitsett credited Trump for making her aware of the drug, confessing that she believes it saved her life.

Thank you, Mr. President

According to Rep. Whitsett, a Democrat state representative in Michigan, she and her husband had both tested positive for the coronavirus.

They both initially reported symptoms on March 18 and immediately sought treatment. After the symptoms progressed, her doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine on March 31.

Whitsett said “it was less than two hours” before she started to experience some relief from the symptoms. When she was asked whether she believes it saved her life, she answered “Yes, I do … I do thank him for that.”

The Michigan Democrat was already familiar with the drug from a previous medical condition but was not aware of the possibility of using it for COVID-19 until Trump had mentioned it on national television.

She stated, “It has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up. He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority.” Trump highlighted her success story via a tweet on Monday…

The use of hydroxychloroquine and its cousin, chloroquine, has been hotly debated for weeks both in the medical community and in the media. Due to a lack of clinical trials, it’s still not scientifically proven to be effective against the virus. However, many doctors across the nation are prescribing it with very promising results.

Some won’t comply

Though Whitsett touted the treatment as the key to her rapid recovery, she was careful to note the importance of social distancing, remarking that Detroit residents are simply not following the rules right now, and they are paying for it.

She stated, “I see it in my community — not being quarantined and still having house parties.”

We have seen an alarming disregard for the guidelines in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Louisiana. Throw in Michigan, and that makes up five of the top seven states impacted the most by the coronavirus.

Regardless of the efficacy of potential treatments, the most effective way to slow the spread remains social distancing and handwashing. We know how to beat this thing, yet people continue to go out and do their own thing. As Trump pointed out last week, “The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end.”

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