Report: Moderate Democrat plans to leave party over impeachment

For a supposedly bipartisan impeachment effort, it sure does seem to be having the opposite effect.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just received another devastating blow: Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) is reportedly about to leave the Democratic Party due to the impeachment of Donald Trump, according to Breitbart.

Come over to our side

Van Drew has been struggling with impeachment from the very start. While he is a Democrat, he serves a very moderate district that has by and large supported Trump.

When the inquiry vote was taken, he was one of only two Democrats who voted against the impeachment.

Now that the hearings have concluded and the articles of impeachment have been created, he still does not support the impeachment of Trump.

During a recent interview, he said that he has not been convinced that removing Trump is the right thing to do.

Seeing his doubt, Trump invited Van Drew to the White House on Friday to discuss changing parties. According to most reports, Van Drew was very receptive to the idea.

The seed was already planted

When news of the meeting started to circulate, everyone started looking deeper into Van Drew. As it turns out, his discourse with the party has been bubbling for quite some time.

Van Drew has been falling out of favor with the Democrats in his district, so his staff started conducting polling during the 2016 election. With his support among Democrats fading, Van Drew was already flirting with the idea of changing parties before the next election.

If Van Drew does, in fact, change parties, it will be a huge blow against House Speaker Pelosi and her impeachment effort.

Not only will she have failed to gain bipartisan support for her impeachment, but she will also have driven party members out of the Democratic Party.

This is just one more strike against Pelosi and brings the Republicans one step closer to taking the House back.

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