Flanked by cops, Democrat senator gives speech on police defunding efforts: Report

Police defunding for thee, but not for me, seems to be the message coming from most radical Democrats as we head into the November election season — and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) was the latest to exemplify the left’s hypocrisy.

A report from the Washington Examiner busted the top Democrat for speaking on the topic of police defunding on Friday while a police detail stood right next to him for protection. The entire incident was caught on video shared by the Examiner Friday.

Markey didn’t use the exact words “defund the police,” according to the Examiner, but the senator suggested that money now spent on police could be better spent on resources for substance abuse, mental health, and community efforts.

“We have to find better ways earlier to reach these people, and we have to deal with substance abuse, mental health issues, and deal with that in a much earlier stage, so we don’t wind up with incarceration as the answer, because ultimately, that creates much larger problems in the long term,” Markey said at the event, flanked by cops, as the Examiner reported.

Dems push for defunding

Democrat politicians have been pushing for more education and social services for a long time, and they’re not wrong to put a greater focus on services that can potentially help some people avoid going to jail by resolving their problems before it gets to that point.

Where many leftist Democrats go wrong, however, is when they want to take away all policing in favor of these programs. Unfortunately, when most lawbreakers see that no one is going to enforce the law, accountability is removed and their behavior worsens no matter how many social services are offered.

Indeed, while it makes sense that if Democrats are right and preventative services really work to lower crime rates and lessen criminality, police budgets may be able to be cut, no one knows how long that will take or to what extent it will work yet. This makes defunding police premature.

Markey digs in

Markey, for his part, has been singing the praises of police defunding since the beginning of the current round of police brutality protests, which have now seen hundreds of police officers injured and dozens killed since May.

“Let’s fund healing, not harming. We can start with banning the use of tear gas by law enforcement, and to stop equipping police who are supposed to keep the peace with weapons of war,” Markey said in June, according to the Boston Herald.

Police defunding is the cause du jour of the radical left, which now seems to be the majority of the Democratic Party by all accounts.

In fact, Markey’s Democrat opponent for his Senate seat Joe Kennedy III also supports police defunding, the Washington Examiner reported.

Some would say that the idea is something like a virus among Democrats, and it’s spreading fast.

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