Democrat and accused sexual predator wins primary for Virginia state Senate

It is amazing what Democrats are willing to look past within their own party.

This week, Democrat Joe Morrissey defeated incumbent Virginia state Sen. Rosalyn Dance in a primary — even though he was once accused of having sex with an underage girl.

Shocking Upset

There are numerous reasons nobody thought Morrisey would ever be able to take out his incumbent opponent. First and foremost was the fact Dance had the endorsement of the governor. That, however, did not seem to hold much weight with voters.

Secondly, Morrisey was accused in 2014 of having sex with an underage girl and fathering a child by her. The girl, at the time, was 17 and worked in Morrissey’s office as his secretary.

Morrissey denied he did anything wrong, but ended up taking a plea deal of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

He later stated the reason he took the deal was that his attorneys believed the prosecutor had enough evidence to convict him. Morrissey ended up going to jail for six months but was never kicked out of the state legislature.

Turning the Other Cheek

In this day and age of the #MeToo movement and how vocal Democrats have been about Trump, it is quite amazing they simply look the other way regarding Morrissey’s wrongdoings.

One voter even told a journalist, “People try to blow things up more than what it is. Ain’t none of us perfect.” Well, it’s one thing to not be “perfect” and quite another to be a sexual predator that uses their position of power to lure in a young girl.

Republicans, however, did not miss the opportunity to take a shot at Morrissey. After his win, the local GOP sent him a congratulatory and very sarcastic tweet:

The seat Morrissey is running for has always been a blue seat, so there is little doubt his Republican opponent will be able to stop him.

We do know one thing, though: Had this been the past of a Republican, the Democrat war machine would have been out there painting this man as the most despicable human being on the face of the earth.

Perhaps the GOP needs to steal that page out of their playbook.

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