Democrat Texas State Senator resigns following criminal convictions

Chalk another one up for the good guys — yet another corrupt politician has been taken down.

Democrat State Senator Carlos Uresti of Texas resigned after having been convicted on 11 counts of fraud and bribery.

Drain the Swamp

To say Uresti is delusional is putting it mildly.

Listening to his comments about his resignation, one would think he actually had a choice in the matter.

“As you know, I am in the process of ensuring that justice is served,” Uresti stated. “I need to attend to my personal matters and properly care for my family.”

Then it got really entertaining. He said: “So, keeping in mind the best interests of my constituents and family, I believe it to be most prudent that I step down from my elected office to focus on these important issues.”

The fact is: Uresti could be in jail for decades, so this was not exactly a choice.

Calls for Resignation

Somehow, Uresti has been able to put this off for months.

He was actually convicted on Feb. 22, but his sentencing was not scheduled until June.

After the conviction, his fellow State Senate members demanded he resign, but Uresti refused, waiting until the last possible minute.

Since he refused to resign, Lt. Gov. Patrick removed him for all responsibilities, including his committee commitments.

Special Treatment

Like many politicians, it is unlikely Uresti will actually do anywhere near the time he faces.

Each count (and there were 11 of them) could result in as much as 20 years in prison.

However, reports are already surfacing that Uresti’s sentence will be no more than 12 years, or roughly one year per count.

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If his sentence is in fact that lax, the citizens of Texas should be outraged.

Draining the swamp is great, but these corrupt politicians need to be truly held accountable for violating the trust of the people that put them into office.

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