Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan turns on Biden over border fiasco ahead of difficult midterm election season

With the midterm elections just months away, Democrats are breaking away from President Biden in droves over the border crisis.

Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) is facing difficult reelection prospects and is now actively breaking with President Biden on the issue of border security. With just over a month to go before the Biden administration rescinds Title 42, Democrats are in full panic mode. 

Title 42 is a Trump-era immigration ordinance that allowed immigration authorities to quickly deport illegal immigrants. Without it, the crisis at the southern border is about to explode and Democrats are scrambling to get clear of the blast.

Immigration crisis getting worse

President Biden has become an anchor on the Democrat Party, and the literal invasion of illegal immigrants is threatening to drown Democrats.

Hassan recently toured the southern border and said, “My trip to the southern border reinforced my concerns about the administration preemptively ending Title 42. Border agents were very clear with me that the end of Title 42 will lead to a steep increase of attempted crossings that they will not be able to effectively handle because they don’t have enough resources.”

Currently, Title 42 is the best tool that immigration authorities have to expel illegal immigrants. Without Title 42, the number of illegal immigrants that will cross the border and remain in the United States will increase exponentially.

The political winds are blowing hard in favor of Republicans, and that is before hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants rush the border once Title 42 is removed.

Many predict that Republicans will take a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. So far, President Biden has failed to do anything to avoid the oncoming catastrophe.

The President’s inaction has forced Democrats like Senator Hassan to take matters into their own hands. Breaking party lines and attacking the President was unthinkable a year ago, but now it is a matter of survival for Democrats in Congress.

Biden weighing Democrats down

Of course, not all Democrats have chosen to see the writing on the wall, and many are going down with Biden.

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd was one of the few liberals to admit how desperate the situation is. Todd said, “He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, no longer seen as a good commander in chief or — perhaps most damaging — as easy going and likable. In fact, just five percent of adults say Mr. Biden has performed better than expected as president — one of the many lowests, firsts, and fewests in our poll.”

President Biden is one of the worst presidents in modern history, and Democrats facing reelection have to decide whether they want to face an election having to answer for his terrible policy. Democrats in southern states affected by the immigration crisis have certainly done their best to create distance ahead of the election.

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