Democrat Senator Richard Durbin blames Epstein suicide on Trump administration

Democrats seem to always find a way to blame things on Trump, and now a Senate Democrat is blaming Trump for Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

According to The Washington Post, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) believes the reductions in federal prison staff by the Trump administration directly resulted in the increase in inmate suicides — including that of Epstein.

Hiring Freeze and Budget Cuts

The Trump administration has downsized federal prison staffing by roughly 14% since it took over. During that time, the suicide rate of inmates has continued to rise.

While these deaths have risen over the last two years, however, they also spiked in 2012 as well as in 2014. Durbin failed to highlight those facts, but only concentrated on the most recent trend.

Durbin stated: “I have repeatedly tried to sound the alarm about these ongoing threats to the safety and security of our Federal prison system, only to be ignored by this Administration.

“It is unacceptable that it took the suicide of a notorious inmate to force the Trump Department of Justice to finally pay attention,” he added.

Addressing the Problems

Much like Democrats do with regard to gun control and mass shootings, they rarely look at the real causes of the problems in the federal prison system.

First, there are currently more than 1,600 open positions for correctional officers. Secondly, the management in these prisons is allowing unacceptable conditions to persist.

On the first issue, a much better job needs to be done in filling these vacancies when they become available. If the prisons are fully staffed, prison guards will not be forced to work the extra overtime shifts with which they are currently saddled.

What good would it do to expand work rosters if prisons are incapable of filling the positions currently available?

On the second issue, management needs to do a better job of holding these guards accountable for their job performance. From the reports we have seen, particularly with regard to Epstein’s death, guards have been less than vigilant in monitoring their assigned cells, or even staying awake during their shifts.

Senator Durbin, stop looking to blame things on Trump and take the time to diagnose the problem. Then, maybe you can fix what is wrong instead of blatantly seeking to score political points.

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