Democrat senator caves: Border wall is not ‘immoral’

Remember that crack in the wall among Dems we talked about last week? Well, it just got bigger.

Democrat Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) tried to walk back Nancy Pelosi’s recent statement about the border wall over the weekend, saying: “I personally don’t think that a border wall is, in and of itself, immoral.”

Justifying His Comments

Soon after making his comment, Coons must have realized his was betraying his new leader.

The Democrat senator then tried to rationalize what Pelosi must have been thinking when she made her comments.

Coons said the speaker must have been talking about the immigration policies of the administration, not the wall itself.

The only problem for Coons is that is not nearly what Pelosi said — or anything that could be mistaken for that.

Pelosi stated: “The fact is, a wall is an immorality. It’s now who we are as a nation.”

If you ask me Sen. Coons, it’s pretty clear what she meant.

More Breakdowns

Sen. Coons seems to be one of the few Democrats in office right now that is actually willing to work towards a settlement that will end this shutdown.

During the same interview, he said that he knows Trump will not back down off the border wall.

However, he also stated that he does believe Trump is willing to negotiate, something most of Coons’ fellow Democrats are not willing to do.

Still, Coons wants the president to show his hand first — something we do not expect Trump to do.

Rather than tell Democrats what he is willing to concede, Dems need to come to the table with their demands.

Then, and only then, should Trump open up the negotiations.

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Dems have proven in the past if you give them an inch, they will push for six.

Trump has the leverage right now and he cannot give that up.

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