Democrat running for Mississippi office commits murder-suicide

A disturbing tragedy stunned the nation as a clearly unhinged individual lost it.

Democrat candidate Carl Robinson shot his wife, then turned the gun on himself in a tragic murder-suicide. 

Killer’s motivation

Robinson, 43, was a Democrat running for the Mississipi state House.

He had just been served divorce papers, which was enough to push him to drastic action.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Minutes after being served divorce papers, a candidate for Mississippi statehouse reportedly went to his wife’s work, shot her, and then turned the gun on himself.”

This leads one to wonder, how stable was this man before he was served the divorce papers? To take a weapon, walk into a medical clinic, and shoot his wife before turning it on himself.

Clearly, there was something awful in the background of this story.

Domestic situation

Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson explained the situation further.

“We found the shooter dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head,” Dickerson told the Daily Journal. “He and his wife were in the process of a divorce. His wife was lying on the floor near his body.”

Furthermore, according to witnesses, the killer may not have been set on his course of action.

The Daily Journal reports:

“Witnesses reported seeing Robinson stomping around outside the clinic before going inside.”

It is unfortunate there wasn’t any armed security in the clinic to stop this. However, our thoughts and prayers are with the families. This is an awful tragedy.

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