Democrat delegate resigns from Maryland Black Caucus over controversial remarks from colleague

Maryland’s Legislative Black Caucus was stunned by an unexpected resignation on Friday.

Del. Regina T. Boyce (D) resigned from the caucus after fellow Del. Darryl Barnes (D) made comments that she found to be “unacceptable and infuriating.”

Thirst for Power

This resignation was not motivated by a personal scandal — for once — but, rather, by a moral issue.

Del. Boyce submitted her resignation to Barnes via email, in which she made it clear she was resigning specifically because of comments he made in another email about Del. Maggie L. McIntosh.

Barnes reportedly wrote: “We are going to let a white lesbian be the speaker of the House?”

In her resignation message, Boyce slammed Barnes for making such a statement, saying: “I was ashamed and embarrassed that our caucus could be so obsessed with having a ‘first black person’ in leadership that they would tear down someone else to express that desire.”

Boyce further explained that McIntosh has been there to support her through thick and thin.

Both McIntosh and Boyce represent Baltimore City in the Maryland House.

Lesson Learned?

Democrats today should take note of this action by Boyce, because she is actually taking a stand — not sitting back and spending her time bashing President Donald Trump.

We the people deserve and demand better from our elected representatives.

This was an admirable stance taken by Boyce.

Hopefully, it is felt throughout the entire Democratic Party.

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