Republican-turned-Democrat ousts Rep. Dana Rohrabacher from key congressional seat

California has, and probably always will have, a Democrat stronghold — but there were pockets of the state that Republicans were able to hold.

The Golden State’s 48th district was one such region — at least until this election, when Republican-turned-Democrat Harley Rouda was able to defeat Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in Tuesday’s midterms.

Changing Tide

Though Democrats more or less own California, certain areas of the state have remained Republican strongholds.

The district won by Rouda has been infamous over the years for being Republican dominated.

This is the same district that former President Richard Nixon once called home.

It was also an area once referred to by then-President Ronald Reagan as a “Republican heaven.”

While liberalism has run wild throughout the state, this was still considered a conservative district.

But the win by Rouda, who was once a Republican, is considered a major victory for liberals in the state.

And not only that: pundits are also already spouting it is also a condemnation of President Trump by California conservatives.

The Lock is Over

Republican Dana Rohrabacher, the incumbent, had ties going all the way back to Ronald Reagan.

He had actually served as a speechwriter for Reagan at one point.

Unlike many Republicans, he was also an advocate for legalizing marijuana.

His more moderate approach had always worked in his district — until now.

Rouda, a wealthy real estate executive, took about 52 percent of the vote to win the congressional seat.

He ripped Rohrabacher on climate change throughout the election, a political hot potato in California.

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He also touted his 71-year-old opponent as being out-of-touch with today’s voters. Rouda is only 56-years-old.

Being a former Republican, some on-the-fence voters no doubt found Rouda appealing, and the fact he ran as a Democrat worked to get him enough votes to flip has always been a “lock” seat for Republicans and turn it blue.

What a shame.

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