Democrat mega-donor arrested on drug charges: Report

One of the most controversial mega-donors for the Democratic Party is finally behind bars.

Ed Buck, who donated to both the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns, has been arrested for operating a drug house, according to Fox News.

How Many Deaths?

For months now, many have been wondering what it would take for Ed Buck to get arrested. He is not only a mega-donor for Democrats (he has donated more than $500,000 to Democrat groups and campaigns), but evidently, he is also a criminal.

Buck first came to national attention when a young black man overdosed in his apartment.

Afterward, it was found out that Buck had allegedly injected the young man with a massive dose of methamphetamine. But somehow, the police never arrested Buck in that death.

A second man died at Buck’s apartment under similar circumstances, only this victim was about 30 years older than the other victim. Yet again, though, no arrest for Buck.

More recently, photos went viral on social media of a young black man entering Buck’s alleged drug den in Los Angeles. Other pictures later surfaced of the inside of the apartment, showing Buck relaxing on the sofa while a young man danced around in his underwear.

This time, Buck reportedly dosed another man, but the man was lucky enough to get away with his life and report the incident to police. Buck is now in custody, charged with operating a drug house, administering methamphetamine, and battery causing serious injury.

Why No Headlines?

Conservative pundits around the country are wondering why CNN and network news stations are not breaking into broadcasts to share this story. If this were a conservative scandal of this magnitude, we all know that is exactly what would be happening right now.

“Can you imagine if he was a big Republican mega-donor?” Fox News’ Charlie Hurt asked. “We would see wall-to-wall coverage on every network about this guy. As it is, everyone’s like, ‘Nothing here, move along, no story.’”

Indeed, the media is instead busy concentrating on a phone call made by President Donald Trump that is much ado about nothing and putting an unverified story about Brett Kavanaugh on the front page.

What a shame.

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