Pennsylvania Democrat mayor found guilty of multiple felonies

A Democrat mayor in Pennsylvania is in hot water after being convicted of dozens of counts of corruption.

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski was convicted of 47 charges, of the 54 levied against him, including conspiracy, fraud, bribery, attempted extortion and lying to federal officials.

A Crying Shame.

The guilty verdict for Mayor Pawlowski brought significant trauma for him and his family, The Morning Call reported.

The mayor began to cry as the verdict was read and his wife collapsed in the hallway of the courtroom.

The mayor was alleged to have traded favors for campaign contributions helping those who donated get work from the city of Allentown.

The charges against Mayor Pawlowski, some of which are felonies, carry a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

Mayor Pawlowski was elected to a fourth term in office in November while he was indicted.

Get Out.

The prosecutors in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Wzorek and co-prosecutor, Michelle Morgan, said the mayor should “do the right thing” and resign from office.

“This type of behavior is not acceptable,” Wzorek told reporters. “If they don’t have it of their own mind to think this is unacceptable, we will be watching, and the FBI will be doing investigations and will root out corruption.”

“It’s been three to four years they’ve been going through this process, and I think they’re entitled to good government,” he said.

None of this is a surprise, except to the mayor’s attorney Jack McMahon who said he was “surprised and disappointed.”

Democrats are some of the most corrupt politicians as they continue to point the finger of blame at their Republican counterparts.

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Another Democrat Mayor, Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville, pleaded guilty this week to stealing $10,000 and having an affair with her bodyguard.

Democrats’ corruption is out-of-control. It’s time to vote every last one of them out and replace them with people who respect the rule of law and the constitution.

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