Democrat lawyers fight for voting rights for non-citizens in recounts following Tuesday’s midterms

Last Tuesday night, everyone thought Republicans won a key Senate seat as well as the governorship of Florida.

Now, both may be at risk, because attorneys for Democrats are trying to have votes cast by non-citizens counted, according to Palm Beach Republican Party chairman Michael Barnett.

Too Close to Call

When the votes were first counted, Gov. Rick Scott appeared to be a shoe-in to win the Senate seat held by Bill Nelson.

Not only that; it also appeared as though his governor’s mansion keys would be passed on to a fellow Republican.

Then, suddenly, by the time everyone woke up on Wednesday, we were told that more votes were found.

Initially, elections officials stated they had some 83,000 more votes.

Then, they actually admitted they were not sure how many more votes they had, or when they would be able to complete the tabulation.

While the governor’s race was more than likely already going to require a recount, Scott’s race should have been over.

He was holding a 60,000 edge in votes, but these “found” votes have virtually erased that lead.

Shady Behavior

Scott is livid over the election results — and for good reason.

Along with the obvious mistakes made by Broward and Palm Beach County election officials, attorneys for the Dems are trying to work their magic, as well.

Provisional ballots were being reviewed when it became apparent these attorneys were conducting themselves nefariously.

A vote was brought up for discussion that should have been invalidated.

The reason being the person that cast the vote was not a U.S. citizen.

Both attorneys for the Democrats objected to the vote being discarded.

Luckily, the judge presiding over the case disallowed the votes, despite the objections.

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When this fact was brought up to the Nelson campaign, they said the attorney sitting in for them did not have the authority to challenge the vote.

But if the judge didn’t have jurisdiction, why was the judge there in the first place?

If this does not make it clear that Democrats will go to any length to literally steal an election, nothing ever will.

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