Former Democrat Judge Arrested for Stealing from Non-Profit Foundation

The underhandedness in the Democrat party never ceases to amaze, but this may be an all-time low.

A former Democrat judge, Casey Moreland, who had already been indicted mind you, found himself facing five additional charges for stealing from a non-profit.

So Much for Helping the People

While Democrats have gotten on their high horse about the opioid epidemic in this country, Moreland’s actions tell the story why Democrats really want all that money for this crisis.

The non-profit from which Moreland was stealing was supposed to be helping drug addicts.

Lower than Low

If you think stealing from a non-profit is bad, wait till you hear about Moreland’s other charges.

The initial FBI investigation found out Moreland was trading off judicial leniency for sexual favors with women.

The Proof Is in the Text

One of the accusations against Moreland was the result of a text chain.

Moreland allegedly text one of the women after he was able to get her off for a traffic violation.

The text read, “Just used my super powers.”

With a follow up text that read, “My desk still has butt marks on it!”

Buying Them Off

To keep his secret a secret, Moreland tried to buy the woman’s silence.

According the report, the woman was offered thousands of dollars for her signature on an affidavit to recount her statements about his conduct.

Sex Not Enough

As often happens with corruption, when they get away with one thing, they think they are invincible and start spreading their wings.

In this case, Judge Moreland found all that money being directed to the non-profit far too enticing to pass up.

Moreland started to instruct the director of the non-profit, Nan Casey, to start dropping off envelopes every month at his office.

When she balked at the idea, Moreland told her to increase her billing to the foundation for work at the Court Foundation Center.

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Time finally caught up with both Moreland and Casey and both are now facing serious jail time.

Casey has already pled guilty, but the sentencing for Moreland has yet to come. Hopefully, our justice system uses all of its power and he lives out his final days in a small cell staring at three walls and bars.

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