Attorney: Democrat investigations of Trump certain to continue regardless of Mueller findings

Recent reports have increasingly indicated that the Robert Mueller-led special counsel investigation may soon be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that President Donald Trump is out of the investigatory woods just yet.

Indeed, a Fox News guest on Sunday afternoon seemed to suggest that, regardless of what Mueller may conclude in his investigation, Democrats in Congress would continue to press forward with their own investigations into various aspects of the president, his family and his business dealings prior to the presidency.

That guest was former JAG and criminal defense attorney Will Bruzzo, who noted that the House Oversight Committee’s public hearing with Michael Cohen — former personal attorney of Trump who has been convicted of lying to Congress, and other matters unrelated to Trump — had opened up new avenues of investigation into the president, such as a demand to question the chief financial officer of the Trump organization.

Congressional Democrats take the reins

“So they are about to call the gentlemen who was the head of the Trump, the CFO of the Trump organization … (Alan) Weiselberg, I believe his name is,” said Bruzzo. “As you’ll remember from the Nixon Watergate hearings, it was ‘follow the money.’ Well, this guy was in charge of the Trump money at the Trump organization.”

“So one of the things that the Democrats will be discussing is, was Trump being blackmailed by Putin, because American banks refused to do business with Trump so he had to turn to Russian state-owned banks,” he continued.

“Were they blackmailing him? Did he owe them money? Was there outstanding debt?” he said. “You know, one of the things Trump did which did show, for lack of a better term, ‘collusion,’ is he refused to enforce sanctions against Russia and against certain people close to Putin.”

“So did he do that because he owed them money? These are all sorts of things they are hoping to get from the CFO of the Trump organization, I imagine,” he added.

“Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime”

Earlier in the segment, Bruzzo spoke about the testimony of Michael Cohen and seemed to lend some credibility to what had been said by Cohen, even as he later agreed that Cohen was “an admitted liar.”

Bruzzo, by virtue of his commentary, revealed his own bias against the president, however, by referring to him flatly as a liar and referencing the “birther” conspiracy against former President Barack Obama that Trump had flirted with in the past. Nevertheless, the discussion of Cohen’s testimony provided a segue into an examination of what else Congress may decide to look into with regard to Trump. Watch below:

What Bruzzo said is somewhat frightening in multiple respects — first and foremost, his stated belief in vague or unproven conspiracies surrounding Trump and Russia — but mostly because it revealed just how useless and wasteful the entirety of the Mueller probe has been.

After two years of in-depth investigation at taxpayer expense, it looks like Mueller will come up empty on finding any verifiable evidence proving “collusion” between Trump and Russia. Yet, rather than allow the president to be exonerated, Democrats will merely shift gears and continue to dig into Trump’s past for anything that could potentially lead to an impeachment or criminal indictment, conducting a Soviet-style investigation of a specific man, not a particular crime, that is utterly antithetical to the American system of justice.

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