Democrat congressman: House will consider impeaching Kavanaugh

Following the contentious confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, there were rumblings among Democrats that, should they regain control in Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, they would take another look at the allegations against him and work to remove him from the high court.

Having won the House majority in the elections, it appears Democrats are now on the verge of following through on their promise to continue harassing Kavanaugh over unproven allegations and attempt to remove him from the bench via an impeachment.

Impeach Kavanaugh for perjury

Democratic Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, recently told a gathering of constituents that his committee intended to investigate allegations that Kavanaugh lied and committed perjury during the confirmation hearings, an investigation that could lead to an impeachment effort.

Apparently in reference to the promised impeachment of President Donald Trump, a constituent asked Neguse if Kavanaugh would be included in that effort and if his alleged perjury to Congress would be used against him.

Neguse replied, “So I think that is another thing that will come up before the Judiciary Committee, yeah.”

“There’s no question that he committed perjury, right, in the last — during the confirmation hearings, and so forth,” he continued. “So I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

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Impeachment buzz

It is obvious that some Democrats have yet to accept the fact that they lost the battle over Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The new Democratic chairman of the Judiciary Committee, New York Rep. Jerry Nadler, was also overheard discussing ways to oust Kavanaugh on the morning after the 2018 midterm election.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist happened to sit near Nadler that day on the Acela train from New York to Washington D.C., and overheard him speaking about plans to further investigate the allegations lodged against Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

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Waste of time

However, Nadler had to admit there wasn’t much to the allegations against Kavanaugh.

He lamented that even if Kavanaugh were to be successfully impeached and removed from the bench — a rather tall order, given the Republican majority in the Senate — he would merely be replaced by another nominee from President Trump.

Even if the effort to re-investigate Kavanaugh makes it out of the Judiciary Committee, much less the House of Representatives, it would almost certainly die a quick death in the Senate.

The whole affair is a complete waste of time and resources … but of course, we’re talking about Democrats: wasting time and resources isn’t high on their list of concerns.

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