South Carolina Democrat gubernatorial nominee has been arrested

The Democrat candidate for governor in South Carolina apparently has a significant skeleton in his closet.

In 2000, James Smith was arrested for simple assault and trespassing.

There is also some speculation that Smith may have abused his veteran status to take advantage of government funding for veteran business owners.

No Explanation

As a candidate, you can expect your past to get shredded by the opposition.

That being the case, one would think the candidate would have explanations at the ready.

Unfortunately, that is not exactly the case here.

Smith was approached by a conservative-oriented news publication to explain, but he declined.

His spokesman, however, stated: “It was dismissed because the accusation was completely, 100 percent false.”

“It was so obviously false that the judge ordered all record of the case to be expunged,” he continued.

Regardless if the record was expunged or not, don’t the people of South Carolina need to know the truth?

Don’t they deserve to know who the accuser was and the circumstances surrounding the accusations?


If the arrest was bad news, there is something else out there about Smith that will not sit well with voters at all.

According to reports, Smith opened a business that ended up receiving contracts through the federal government specifically reserved for veterans.

Records indicate Smith claimed the business was a two-person firm.

However, the firm took contracts to conduct data analysis, mop floors, manufacture pharmaceuticals, and park cars.

In essence, Smith was using his veteran status to land the contracts, then sub-contracting them out to other companies.

Unfortunately for Smith, this is a no-no as far the law is concerned.

For his actions, Smith was banned from receiving these contracts in 2013, which he appealed.

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Smith used a legal loophole to win his appeal, basically saying that by contracting these other companies, their employees became his own.

That is a scary precursor to what the future holds if Smith is actually elected.

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