Democrat gubernatorial candidate arrested, dragged from debate stage

We have seen time and time again what Democrats do when they don’t get their way.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Lisa Whitnum, after not being invited to a local debate, rushed the stage in protest and was repotedly dragged off and arrested by police.

Not Invited

Typically, only top contenders are invited to come to debates.

Lisa Whitnum, whose legal name is Lisa Baker, is apparently not one such candidate.

Even though she was not invited, she showed up anyway.

Upon arrival, she decided to rush the stage to put in her two cents at the Brookfield High School event.

Police were quick to respond and removed her from the stage kicking and screaming.

Whitnum has been charged with trespassing and breach of peace.

She will get her day in court on April 19 and is currently on release via a $500 bond.

Radical Democrat

Whitnum has run for office before as a “progressive Democrat.”

A quick look at her webpage will show you ample reason why the hosts of the debate did not want her in attendance.

From what we can see, she has only two platform issues:

Campaigning against Zionism, specifically the policies of the government of Israel and…

Bad judges, most notably the judges that presided in her divorce and no doubt ruled against her.

Not First Run-in with the Law

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time Whitnum has had to have the police involved.

She has been previously arrested, reportedly for incidents that occurred during her divorce proceedings.

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Additionally, she was locked up for stalking the judge in her divorce trial.

In this day and age, it would not exactly be surprising if this maniac actually won the election rather than found guilty of a crime and sent to jail… which is where she clearly belongs.

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