Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden are part of group most at risk from coronavirus

The entire world is in the midst of a public health disaster as the numbers of coronavirus infections continue to grow.

As chance would have it, older adults who have underlying health conditions are in the biggest groups of those susceptible to falling victim to the coronavirus — because of that, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is especially at risk due to his recent heart attack. 

Extremely vulnerable

Most health experts have agreed unanimously that while there will be outlier cases, young healthy people are likely to survive a coronavirus infection just as handily as they would with the flu.

For the most part, those that have been identified as the most vulnerable are the elderly, more specifically those with underlying health conditions.

The Washington Free Beacon has reported that Dr. Adam Kucharski, a mathematician with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, cited the significantly higher numbers of susceptibility for older individuals, most notably those over 80.

He stated, “Overall we’re seeing maybe 1 percent of symptomatic cases are fatal across all ages. There’s still some uncertainty on that, but what’s also important is that 1 percent isn’t evenly distributed.”

“In younger groups, we’re talking perhaps 0.1 percent, which means that when you get into the older groups, you’re potentially talking about 5 percent, 10 percent of cases being fatal.”

Joe and Bernie

One of the main concerns about the spread of the virus is physical, close contact with people that are infected.

On the campaign trail, candidates are kissing people, shaking hands, and have a lot of people packed into tight spaces — the perfect conditions for rapid transmission of the novel virus.

To add to these concerns are the previous health problems of both Sanders and Biden. Joe Biden has had his share of health problems and Bernie Sanders is only months removed from a heart attack.

We are not expected to have access to a vaccine for this virus for at least a year, which means both Sanders and Biden would be staring down the barrel at being an 80-year-old president with a virus running rampant that is especially dangerous for people over the age of 80.

Viruses like this do not discriminate, as we have seen with Iran, a country that has had one leader die and another infected by the coronavirus. If people are worried about our economy now, imagine having a president fall ill and die from the coronavirus.

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