Top Democrat forced to resign amid corruption allegations

Yet another Democrat is being forced from office after being caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

After having his home raided by FBI agents and being hit with allegations of fraud and bribery, Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D) submitted his resignation effective Jan. 1, Fox News reports.

A heavy heart

Resignation speeches are great when people are resigning due to their corruption being exposed. They act as though they have a choice and the decision is one of regret rather than necessity.

Sandoval tried to spin that exact narrative during his resignation announcement, saying, “It is with a heavy heart, I, Martin A. Sandoval, do hereby resign the office of state senator.”

However, it is not a heavy heart, but rather a corrupt one that caused Sandoval to resign.

Rooting out corruption

In late September, Sandoval’s offices and home were raided by the FBI. The raids targeted information about various businesses in the area, as well as bribery and fraud links.

Additionally, the FBI was hoping to snag evidence that would link in other local politicians and some possible gambling interests, among other things.

An area of concern was a recent $41.5 billion construction project in which Sandoval played a prominent role.

From reports, it would seem that Sandoval must have been getting some type of kickback from the concrete and building companies used in the projects and that were bidding on the job.

The link appears to be with a major Sandoval donor and Sandoval’s own daughter. Federal agents also reportedly either subpoenaed or raided both Bluff City Materials, a company owned by one of Sandoval’s donors, and Commonwealth Edison, a local utility company where Sandoval’s daughter works.

Additionally, federal agents took action in the towns of McCook, Lyons, and Summit. All three of these localities are part of the 11th District that Sandoval represents.

Sen. Sandoval has been in office since 2003. But it looks like 2019 is where his book ends.

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