Democrat Fetterman departs from 'progressives' on border security

 January 22, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Staunch Democrat Sen. John Fetterman off Pennsylvania says progressives have left him and he doesn't recognize them anymore because of their failure to address, or even see, the disaster that Joe Biden has made of the nation's southern border.

One report on Fetterman's dissatisfaction with the "progressives" in his party pointed out that he "once boasted about being a progressive. Now he doesn’t recognize them anymore."

"It’s not so much that I left the title, the title left me," charged Fetterman, who when he was elected in 2022 vowed that "progressive values” were the heart of his political identity.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Fetterman is breaking with his party because he believes "the border crisis is threatening to destroy the American dream as another 300,000 people approached the southern border in hopes of crossing into the U.S."

He recently, on a television interview, insisted on a "secure border," explaining, "I honestly don't understand why" that is controversial.

"And [what] I think about immigration is, we want to provide the American Dream for any migrant. However, it seems very difficult when you have 300,000 people showing up, encountered at our border, to achieve that," he explained.

When Joe Biden took office, he extinguished virtually all of the border security measures assembled by President Donald Trump, such as the remain-in-Mexico practice and construction of the border wall.

Since then, literally millions of illegal aliens have breached the American border and moved into the country, taking welfare and other benefits that are costing the American taxpayers billions.

The report noted Fetterman's wife arrived in the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant at the age of 7, and he wants migration, but legal migration.

"I've been very clear, in fact, that was weaponized against me [by] Republicans in my race, that I'm very much a strong supporter of immigration, and you know, my wife's family, that's the origin story about that," he said.

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