Democrat Elissa Slotkin calls for ‘new blood’ in Democrat leadership, movement to push out Biden and Pelosi growing

Representative Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) is sounding the call for “new blood” in Congress and the White House and wants the Democrat Party to get younger leadership.

Slotkin’s comments reflect a growing sentiment in the Democrat Party that the old guard has overstayed their welcome and is holding the party back. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in power for decades, and her contribution to the party’s growth has been minimal. President Joe Biden is the oldest President in U.S. history and is an undeniable liability.

While Slotkin stated she would support Biden should he choose to run again in 2024, her courage to call for new younger leadership on public record reflects a growing movement in the Democrat Party.

Time for change

During an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, Slotkin stated, “I have been very vocal, including with my own leadership in the House, that we need a new generation. We need new blood, period, across the Democratic Party — in the House, the Senate, and the White House. I think that the country has been saying that.”

Democrats are having trouble motivating voters to get out and vote. The advanced age of Democrat leadership has prevented the party from evolving and adapting, and it is likely going to be part of the reason Democrats get rocked in November.

Slotkin and other Democrat Congressional members have all alluded to their desire to see the party go younger, but it’s likely going to take a significant defeat in the midterms to enable a mutiny.

House Speaker Pelosi will likely be forced into retirement if Democrats lose control of Congress.

More Democrats may be willing to step up and force President Joe Biden into retirement as well if the next two years go as badly as many think they will for Democrats.

Outside the obvious questions of the President’s health, Democrats need to develop young talent that can lead the party over the next decade. The only question is if youthful energy can overcome entrenched power.

It all comes down to November

Slotkin and her compatriots in the Democrat Party can talk of replacing their failing leadership all they want, but nothing will change until November.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most notable Democrats to cast doubt on President Joe Biden running in 2024. Her tune will likely change if Democrats can survive the midterms with their majority intact.

The Democrat Party is in dire need of evolution. Still, it will take a painful defeat to enable it, which is great news for Republicans hoping to take Congress and handicap the last two years of President Biden’s term.

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