Democrat-controlled Los Angeles County reinstated indoor mask mandate amid surging coronavirus cases

Democrat-controlled Los Angeles County has done the unthinkable and reinstated an indoor mask mandate, whether individuals are vaccinated or not.

One of the most populous counties in the nation will now be subject to a mask mandate which will begin on Saturday. L.A. County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis defended the decision by saying, “We’re not where we need to be for the millions at risk of infection here in Los Angeles County, and waiting to do something will be too late given what we’re seeing now.”

While Los Angeles County has experienced a surge in coronavirus cases, mask mandates have already been proven to be ineffective. Democrats in LA County are simply indulging their desire for control and power over Americans.

Ignoring the science

The new mask mandate will resemble the mask mandate that was in place statewide until June 15th. What is worrying is that Dr. Davis added, “We expect to keep this order in place until we begin to see improvements.”

Dr. Davis’s wording is deliberately vague and signals that the government is reserving the right to extend the mask mandate as long as they possibly can. California Democrats became notorious for their refusal to follow the CDC in lifting mask mandates.

It seems that the LA County government will continue ignoring science in a bid to assert control over Americans once again.

Both the CDC and the California Department of Public Health have made it clear that indoor mask mandates for vaccinated individuals are completely unnecessary.

It wasn’t long ago that emails revealed Dr. Anthony Fauci privately admitted that masks didn’t work to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The new mask mandate that Democrats in Los Angeles are implementing has no scientific backing.

There is no telling how the citizens of Los Angeles will react to this new abuse of power by Democrats. Despite the draconian lockdowns and mask mandates, California continues to struggle with coronavirus, where states like Texas and Florida have succeeded.

Democrats incapable

Republican states like Texas and Florida led the charge on returning life to normal just a few months ago. Despite the wave of vitriol and criticism, Republicans were proven right, and life is back to normal.

Meanwhile, California’s liberal utopias struggle to return to normal as both surging coronavirus numbers and trampled freedoms are still a common part of life.

The past few months have made it abundantly clear that Democrats have no interest in protecting public health. Democrats only care about wielding power, and they will not hesitate to strip Americans of their freedoms.

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