Democrat congresswoman spotted drinking and dancing on trip to survey hurricane damage

A Democrat congresswoman has more than a little explaining to do.

While on a “mission” to survey hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) was apparently tied up doing other things — like dancing and drinking.

Unfortunately for Grisham, someone had their camera clicking away while she was enjoying a very good time on the taxpayers’ dime. Take a look for yourself:

Chandelier Bar Puerto Rico

Political Abuse

This trip is typical of how our elected representatives abuse the system.

Those pictures were taken at the Chandelier Bar, which is located in the El San Juan Hotel.

This property is considered among the elite of the elite in San Juan.

With that luxury comes a hefty price tag.

While we don’t know how much the delegation paid to stay at the property, a quick check of room rates at the El San Juan Hotel has standard rooms close to $300 per night, with premium suites pushing four figures.

The prices at the bar are not exactly cheap, either, with its themed drinks ranging from $12 to $16.

Standard Behavior

But disappointing her constituents seems to be par for the course for Grisham.

She recently drew the ire from the New Mexican Coalition of Educational Leaders for being a no-show:

One would think the congresswoman would at least try to apologize for her behavior, but that was not what happened.

After the pictures were released, Grisham’s office went on the attack.

James Hallinan, her spokesman, stated: “It’s disgusting that Steve Pearce is attacking a Hispanic woman for working to help Latino populations devastated by his failed Republican Party in Congress and Donald Trump.”

He also demanded the tweet above be taken down immediately, considering it another unethical attack against Grisham.

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We hate to break it to you Mr. Hallinan, but your congresswoman was the one out living it up at the bar and staying at a top-rated hotel.

We can’t help but think of how many meals could have been served to the people of Puerto Rico with the money Grisham and her fellow politicos spent at the bar and on those fancy rooms.

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