Democrat congressman wishes for Republican candidate to commit suicide

Dems continue to make horrific statements about conservatives — and the media continues to ignore it.

Rep. Steve Cohen, who is trying to get a Democrat into Sen. Bob Corker’s seat, said he wished Marsha Blackburn, the GOP candidate for the seat, would “jump off the Harahan Bridge.”

Sadly, his comments were met with laughter from those attending the function.

Taking Things Too Far

Everyone expects some jabs to be taken during a political campaign, but one can only hope literally wishing death upon someone is out of bounds.

But for Steve Cohen, apparently, nothing is out of bounds.

Ironically, Cohen’s comments were made a prayer breakfast in Memphis.

The comment about Blackburn jumping off a bridge was only the beginning, though.


While Democrats try to label Trump a sexist, the actions of their own politicos show where the real problem lies.

His comments were also misogynist in nature.

According to Cohen, Trump is pulling Blackburn’s strings and she is nothing more than his lackey.

Typical Democrat Response

While Democrats have been quick to criticize Trump and any other member of the GOP they deem to have stepped over the line, they are not so quick to come after their own.

Bredesen, for whom Cohen was campaigning, refused to even acknowledge Cohen’s comments were out of line.

“I really don’t want [this election] to be about my opponent and who’s best and who’s worst for who’s made most mistake or things like that,” Bredesen stated.

Cohen, when asked about the comment, simply laughed it off as “obviously humor.”

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When Trump makes a joke, it is taken literally. But when Dems wish someone dead, it is laughed off.

That just goes to prove how different both sides of the aisle are being treated by today’s mainstream media.

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