Democrat caught saying she wants weapons ban on video

A New York Democrat broke the golden rule by getting caught on camera saying what she is NOT supposed to say.

While talking to some student supporters, Tedra Cobb informed them she wanted to ban “assault rifles” but, “I cannot say that.”

The Reason

Tedra Cobb is running for a congressional seat to represent New York’s 21st district.

She is also very much anti-Second Amendment.

Her Republican incumbent opponent, Elise Stefanik, is very much in favor of the Second Amendment.

Her challenge, then, is to not only get Democrat voters on her side, but also sway some of her opponent’s base, who no doubt support the Second Amendment, to vote for her.

To do that, she must deceive the voters and pretend she is not going to support anti-Second Amendment legislation.

Her own campaign website only addresses supporting gun-control, not actual banning of firearms.

Republicans on the Attack

When the GOP got wind of her comments, they immediately went on the attack to expose her.

The Regional Press Secretary of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Chris Martin, wants her outed ASAP.

Martin stated, “Tedra Cobb knows that she’s wildly out of touch with the district, so she’s desperately trying to hide her liberal agenda from voters.”

“First she was forced to admit that she raised taxes over 20 times, and now she’s being exposed for lying to voters about her support for an assault weapons ban and taking guns away from law-abiding citizens,” Martin added.

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Democrats continue to prove they will do just about anything to win, even if it means deceiving the people they are supposed to be representing.

It makes it that much more apparent conservatives need to get out and vote during the 2018 mid-terms to avoid any hint of a blue wave taking over the Hill.

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