Arizona Democrat caught casting House committee vote from a boat

Democrats want us all to believe that poking your head outside the door right now could kill you.

Yet, Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ), who has elected to work from home during the pandemic, was recently caught casting a vote in a House Transportation Committee proceeding while enjoying the day out on his boat, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Take a look:

Working from “home”

According to House Democratic leadership — including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — it is simply not safe to meet or cast votes in person during the pandemic, and as such, dozens of House members have not set foot in Washington, D.C. for months.

Congressional leadership has allowed members to teleconference into sessions in order to cast their votes, a policy that was recently extended through at least August 18, as Axios reported.

With Rep. Stanton hailing from one of the latest hot coronavirus spots to emerge, it is perfectly reasonable for him to work from home, but few likely expected him to be doing so from his boat with his family aboard.

Fool me once…

Earlier in the committee session in question, nobody appeared to realize from where Stanton was conducting business, as he had set up his computer below deck and even donned a professional blazer, but when his kids wanted to go in the water, Stanton went topside to keep an eye on them.

When it came time for Stanton to vote, it became quite apparent he was doing so outdoors and aboard a boat, as he could be seen bobbing up and down while on camera. As outrage ensued after the fact, Stanton did at least own up to the offense, saying:

There’s no getting around it: I messed up and I’m sorry for it. I participated in the five-hour markup mostly from inside and went outside to watch my kids (while listening in the entire time) shortly before the vote was called.

Stanton, it seems, does not seem to grasp what the problem with all of this is, however, because is not that he voted remotely or that he did so from the deck of his boat, but rather that he was on his boat at all while everyday folks are facing unprecedented financial uncertainty.

If this virus presents such a dire threat that Congress needs to work from home and much of the country needs to be shuttered, why is Stanton out gallivanting on the water in the midst of the crisis?

It’s good to know that while millions of Americans are desperate for the economy to fully reopen and business owners are facing the prospect of permanent ruin, Democrats are busy enjoying fun in the sun on their boats.

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