Democrat candidate will continue campaign from jail cell

Georgia Democrats may have to go to the local jail to visit their local congressman soon.

Steven Foster, a Democrat congressional candidate, was just sentenced to six months in jail for a DUI, but he is refusing to remove his name from the ballot.

A Disgrace

Anyone can make a mistake, but Foster’s case is really special.

After being stopped and taken into custody, Foster could not help but run off at the mouth.

Even though he was a Democrat, he called out a member of Hillary’s family.

Foster asked the officers if they knew Hillary Clinton’s brother Hugh.

He then called him “the biggest, basic political whore in this country.”

Mr. Foster got himself in even more trouble by accusing Hugh of being “butt buddies” with one of his friends.

It sounded like an episode of “Seinfeld,” as Foster professor there is nothing wrong with that, just leave him out of it.

The LGBTQ community should just love that exchange!

Democrat Distance

Party officials did everything they could to get Foster to drop out of the race, but he would not budge.

Had he dropped out of the race prior to this past weekend, the party would have been able to get another name on the ballot.

Now, though, Foster’s name will remain there.

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Furthermore, Foster has vowed to run his campaign from prison! He told the AP in a phone call from the jail: “I’m not withdrawing.”

In a day and age when every seat counts, we would like to personally thank Mr. Foster for making this a slam dunk election.

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