Democrat candidate for governor in Arizona was arrested, said he wasn’t

A rising star in the Democrat party lied to voters… Shocking.

David Garcia, who is running for governor in Arizona, has an arrest record — but he assured voters that was not the case.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Garcia is trying to get into the governor’s mansion in Arizona.

This is of significance considering the immigration problem in that state.

While at a fundraising event, which was sponsored by Planned Parenthood, he told onlookers the big lie.

Garcia stated: “I’d like to tell you that I’m in front of you because I studied hard, did everything right along the way.”

He continued: “Actually, I never got arrested, never got busted, so don’t worry about that.”

But He Was…

While his line got the expected laughs, it was later found out to be an outright lie.

In fact, Garcia had two separate run-ins with the law.

The first incident involved driving a motorcycle without insurance or a license in 1990.

Under the “Arrests” section of the ticket, it clearly states Garcia’s name.

Then, in 1993, Garcia was arrested a second time.

Garcia apparently was holding a party and was cited for excessive noise.

When Garcia refused to turn down the volume, the officer returned and according to the report, Garcia was arrested, then released.

Stretching the Truth

Garcia’s campaign has officially denied he was ever arrested, even though these reports clearly state the opposite.

This is not so much about the actual events that led to his arrest, either, but rather the fact that he lied.

The gubernatorial candidate is no stranger to stretching the truth.

AZCentral caught him telling another lie on the campaign trail in May of this year.

Garcia has been stating Arizona became the number one corrupt state under Gov. Doug Ducey.

The problem is that Garcia is citing a 2014 Harvard Study, which took place a full year before Ducey ever took office.

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More current studies have found Arizona has actually imrpoved its ranking in this category since Ducey took office.

Garcia’s campaign continues to explain away these little misrepresentations, but it is clear Garcia plans on being a member of the D.C. swamp if elected.

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