Democrat candidate for Colorado governor forced to donate to his own campaign after financial collapse

A local Democrat is on a sinking ship, but he seems to be the only person that does not realize it.

Democrat candidate for governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, has opened up his checkbook for more than six million dollars for his own campaign… and he is losing.

Bad News

The timing of one of his bigger donations could not have been worse.

Not long after Polis cut a check for seven figures, news arrived that his opponent was surging in the polls.

Now, Polis may not even be able to get past his own party primary against Cary Kennedy, let alone make a bid for the actual governorship.

Typical Democrat

Polis is one of those Democrats that pretends he is one of the ordinary people, but that could not be further from the truth.

In fact, Polis, who currently serves a Representative for 2nd Congressional District in Colorado, is one of the richest men in Congress.

Up until now, he has been able to throw his money around and get what he wants.

A local political analyst stated, “His experience in life has been that money can solve problems.”

Deep Pockets

The amount of money Polis has put into his campaign is staggering, especially when you consider he is not even in the general election yet.

According to reports, Polis donated $1.87 million on January 26.

On March 7, he donated another $2.2 million.

On April 14, he wrote yet another check for $750,000.

On May 3, another $1.5 million was sent to his war chest.

That is over $6 million out of his own pocket, for someone that is actually trailing in the primary race.

The reality of the situation is that Polis has supplied more than 75 percent of all funds donated to his campaign.

Without his personal funding, the campaign would be bankrupt!

The funny thing is, though, that Polis might as well be flushing his money down the toilet.

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Local pundits believe he simply has lost the faith of the public and even his deep pockets will not be enough to convince voters he is the man for the job.

Residents of Colorado will have until June 26 to cast their vote, with ballots having been mailed out on Monday, June 3.

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