Democrat candidate announces withdrawal from 2020 race

The 2020 democrat candidate race has its first casualty. Former Alaska senator Mike Gravel has pulled out of the race.

He couldn’t generate press in a crowded Democrat field. More importantly, he couldn’t generate donations.

Just like that, the field is shrinking.

Couldn’t Break Through

Gravel failed to break into the debates, ultimately sealing his fate.

The Washington Times reports:

He officially launched his 2020 campaign in early April, but he failed to qualify for either of the first two Democratic candidate debates televised last month.

This isn’t his first rodeo. Mike Gravel, an outspoken critic of the Vietnam war, ran as a Democrat in 2008.

More to Come

Others will be joining Mike Gravel in dropping from the race.

The New York Post reports: “The rules for the third debates on Sept. 12-13 could whittle the unwieldy field down by half.”

At this point, if a candidate isn’t getting a lot of press, it is likely over for them.

Many have been talking about how the news outlets effectively pick the candidate. In the debates, some candidates are getting more time to speak than others.

Fast Company reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is not happy about the Democratic debate last night, claiming his microphone was “not on” a few times when he attempted to jump into the political melee.

Andrew Yang is generating a lot of underground buzz, but can’t get through. He got the least speaking time of all the candidates.

This can have a serious effect on a candidate’s chances, and it ensures the most mainstream contenders are nominated. Players like Biden and Harris will hog the spotlight, leaving other ideas and candidates completely unknown.

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