Democrat senator calls on Pelosi to stop delaying, send articles of impeachment to the Senate

Despite declaring that President Donald Trump needed to be impeached and removed him from office as soon as possible, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has continued to withhold from the Senate the articles of impeachment her Democrat-controlled House passed prior to the Christmas break.

Now, it seems that Pelosi’s delay in transmitting the articles to the Senate so a trial can commence has begun to wear down the patience of even some of her fellow Democrats. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is calling for her fellow Californian in Congress to send the articles over so the impeachment process can continue, Breitbart reported.

Pelosi’s delay

The ostensible reason for Pelosi’s delay in sending the articles over to the Senate is that she wants to see the “arena” in which an impeachment trial will be held. That reason doesn’t really fly, though, since the “arena” always has and always will be the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

In actuality, Pelosi was withholding the articles in the hopes that a pressure campaign could force McConnell to set impeachment trial rules to her particular liking — including subpoenaing additional documents and witness testimony not obtained by the House in the hope that some new and damning evidence against Trump would suddenly turn up.

None of that has happened as Pelosi might have hoped, though; McConnell has made it clear that the rules will be the same as the Clinton impeachment trial, and that additional documents or witnesses might be subpoenaed at a later date — if necessary.

One such from whom Pelosi and her Democrat comrades are demanding to hear is former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who recently announced that he would testify in a Senate trial if properly subpoenaed.

End the charade

Meanwhile, pressure has been mounting on Pelosi instead of McConnell to abandon the standoff over the articles of impeachment, as a growing number of Democrats are urging the speaker to just go ahead and let the show get started.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Sen. Feinstein, as well as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), called on Pelosi to end the stalemate and go ahead and transmit the articles to the Senate.

“If we’re going to do it, she should send them over,” Feinstein said. “I don’t see what good delay does.”

Along those lines, Manchin said of Pelosi: “Now that we have John Bolton saying he wants to testify, she’s accomplished something.”

With these Dems turning on her and more sure to follow, all signals suggest Pelosi will soon end her futile gambit to force change in the Senate.

Regardless, as Feinstein said, it is entirely unclear “what good delay does” in light of the fact that McConnell isn’t budging. Pelosi might as well just get it over with already.

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