Democrat civil rights attorney says he’ll vote for Trump if Biden picks Kamala Harris as his VP: Report

Now that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has narrowed down his shortlist for VP, it is becoming quite apparent that the former vice president’s own success this November could come down to who he chooses as his running mate. And not everyone on the left is on board with who he has in mind.

According to RealClearPolitics, Leo Terrell, a well-known civil rights attorney and Democrat talking head, recently told Fox News that if Biden’s pick is California Sen. Kamala Harris (D), he will be pulling the handle for Trump this fall.

“I will vote for Donald”

Last week, several outlets reported that Biden had narrowed down his list of potential VPs to six names, all of whom are Democrat women of color, except for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Of the remaining five names, two seem to be leading the race: Sen. Harris and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

It became clear very early on in the Democratic presidential primary race that Harris, for her part, was not well-liked, and she quickly fell out of favor with those on the left amid what many described as a “chaotic” campaign that lacked in funds, as CNBC noted at the time.

Terrell is among those Democrats who would like to see law and order restored to local communities amid widespread unrest, but despite the California senator’s history as a prosecutor, Terrell apparently doesn’t think a Biden–Harris ticket would represent him properly.

“I am not voting for Joe Biden,” he told Fox on Friday, according to RealClearPolitics. “If he puts Kamala Harris on, I will vote for Donald Trump.”

No more drinking the Kool-Aid

Terrell, who is black, has faced a rude awakening over the years to the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. Indeed, Democrats pretend they support minority communities, but they seem to do everything in their power to keep these communities reliant upon the government.

“You know, this is why I stopped drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid,” Terrell told Fox on Friday, according to the Daily Caller. “I can’t take this hypocrisy anymore, it’s ridiculous.”

Indeed, one of the biggest pieces of legislation credited with creating fatherless homes in minority communities is Joe Biden’s infamous Clinton-era crime bill. Between the former Delaware senator’s legislative record and the recent stunt by congressional Democrats wearing traditional African garb for a photo-op, Terrell has had just about all he can take.

“The bottom line is this: We don’t need Democrats to insult me or placate me with African garb — Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws, pass some reform, show me something other than some kind of condescending act. That doesn’t follow anymore,” the civil rights attorney said, according to the Daily Caller.

There is a reason Joe Biden is hiding, folks — and it surely is not because he is trying to lead by example. There are plenty of skeletons hanging in his closet, and when they are exposed, more and more voters will realize the Democratic Party has been lying to them for decades.

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