Bernie Sanders attacks President Trump as ‘terrible example’ for his grandkids

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) appears to be winding up for another run at the White House.

At a single-payer healthcare rally Saturday, Sanders furiously denounced President Donald Trump as a “pathological liar” and a “terrible example” for children.

“I’ve got four kids, seven grandchildren – young kids – we try to raise our kids to be honest and treat other people with respect and compassion and what kind of terrible example, regardless of your political views – doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or progressive – you want your kids to be honest and decent,” Sanders told the crowd at a “Medicare for All” rally in South Carolina.

“What kind of terrible example is this person in the White House giving to our children?” Sanders asked the crowd.


We knew the jabs at Trump were going to start coming, but nobody expected it to start out like this.

Most people also probably thought that the aging socialist was done chasing his dream to turn America into Cuba, but he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Sanders, mind you, just turned 77-years-old, which would make him 79 come the next presidential election.

Age aside, the Independent/Democrat is being rather aggressive in throwing mud at the sitting president.

“What is an embarrassment to me is that we have a president who is a pathological liar,” Sanders announced.

“There is no politician in history who doesn’t stretch the truth in order to make his or her point, that’s politics but we have never had a president who lies all the time and it’s quite possible he doesn’t even know the difference between a truth and a lie,” he continued.

“Medicare for All”

Sanders continues to push his socialist agenda and sadly, the younger generation is eating this up.

Sanders wants the government to pay the tab for everyone’s medical coverage, and to that end, he introduced a universal single-payer health care proposal, “Medicare for All,” in 2017.

In order to pay for this, Democrats want to repeal the tax break Republicans put in place earlier this year.

Democrats also want to significantly raise taxes across the board.

So, not only will that extra money in your paycheck go away, but it would actually be less than before Trump assumed office.

What would the results of such a move be?

More than likely, corporations would be forced to lay off workers that were hired due to the tax breaks they are currently receiving.

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This, of course, would lead to massive unemployment and a probable economic collapse.

But, hey, at least everyone would have medical coverage, right?!

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