Democrat admits party stalls legislation to prevent Trump wins: Report

Over the last three years, conservatives have maintained that this may be the most obstructionist Democrat-controlled Congress we have ever seen.

That theory was bolstered by Rep. Mikie Sherill (D-NJ), who was caught admitting that her fellow Democrats have confided in her that they simply “don’t want to give the president a win,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Just block him

Donald Trump has often referred to House Democrats as the “do-nothing Democrats.” He says this because they are simply refusing to take part in bipartisan legislation efforts in the House.

Case in point, Sherill said at a recent town hall that despite her best efforts, her Democrat colleagues will purposely block important legislation because they do not want to facilitate any Trump success.

Yes, the Democrats have passed hundreds of pieces of legislation in the House. Yes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has them all sitting on his desk.

The reason for this is because virtually every one of those bills is an attempt to ram partisan Democrat policies down the Senate’s throat. McConnell is not putting them on the floor because they have no chance of passing the GOP-controlled Senate.

If Democrats really wanted to work together with the GOP, this president has expressed a sincere desire to hash out legislation that would get a concession from both sides, but also give both sides a win.

That is how our government is supposed to work, and it’s incredibly counterproductive for one party to block the other simply to gain political points.

Change is needed

Our next election is fast approaching, and it has become quite clear that we need a change in Washington. Republicans know what they have to do, but Democrats also have a major task at hand.

They don’t necessarily have to cross party lines, but they do need to elect people who are more interested in working for “We the People” rather than pushing personal agendas.

This country has some very serious issues that need to be addressed in a bipartisan fashion — namely, infrastructure, immigration, and the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about: the massive deficit.

Until our elected officials can stop this petulant behavior, however, that will never happen. Keep that — and the past behavior of incumbents — in mind when pulling the lever in the voting booth on Election Day.

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