Democrat candidate accused of abusing women and lying about military service

A Democrat candidate for Congress in Illinois is in hot water after his brutal past was exposed.

Benjamin Thomas Wolf has been accused by his ex-girlfriend and former campaign intern, Katarina Coates, of assaulting her in vicious fashion.

Brutal Assault.

Coates has described six separate incidents in which Wolf abused her, Politico reported.

“He actually hit me, threw me to the ground, put his foot on my chest. He was really angry. He grabbed my face,” she said. “I thought it was normal. I cannot explain the logic. It seemed like he cared about me when he did that. After that time he stood on my chest, he went and took me for chocolate cake. I kind of associated it with his caring. … There were times I would ask him, Do you ever regret hitting me?’ He would say: ‘No, but I’m relieved when you put your head down so I don’t have to do it again.’”

And she is not the only ex-girlfriend to accuse Wolf of abuse.

“When he thinks he’s been wronged or threatened in any way he lashes out … It’s definitely a situation where he’s escalating. There’s abusive, escalating behavior he’s demonstrating,” Kari Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said she came forward with the accusations because she “wanted to validate (Coates). And say ‘This is a bad guy and I believe her because this is what he did to me,'”

Gun Control And Marijuana.

Wolf has been called the cannabis candidate because he appeared in an ad smoking marijuana in front of an American flag with the caption “Legalize Cannabis. Vote March 20th.”

He has also claimed to have “served” in Iraq until it was discovered that he was not in the military.

He called himself an “Iraq veteran” and said he has “served multiple terms in Africa and Iraq.”

After he was caught he said that he had served for the state department overseas.

“People in the military get upset when I say I served in Iraq. The military doesn’t have a patent on the word ‘served,’” he said.

In another ad he is seen with an AR 15 declaring that no civilian should own the weapon.

“In the ad, it’s in my living room. That’s my living room, that’s my AR-15,” he said. “It’s the same model; basically the same model I carried in Iraq. … I thought we needed to send a strong message to people, I am an expert in this weapon, I’ve been trained on this weapons for years. There is no place for these weapons in modern American society.”

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It is no wonder that someone like Wolf would not want civilians to own an AR 15.

It is a ton easier to abuse women if they are defenseless.

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