Democrat House incumbents, nominees abandoning Pelosi’s continued leadership

The liberal media and plenty of Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, are convinced they will win back the House in November and she will resume her powerful role as Speaker of the House.

Aside from counting on a victory her party has yet to achieve, Pelosi may also be counting on support from her Democrat caucus that is no longer there for her continued leadership role, as dozens of Democrats have publicly abandoned her.

According to NBC News, a recent survey of Democrat House incumbents, nominees and candidates revealed that a sizeable share of them think it is time somebody else in the party had a chance to be the leader.

Mutiny in the ranks

At least 42 Democrats who have won their party’s nomination in their respective districts, as well as at least nine incumbent House members, have gone on the record in opposition to Pelosi’s continued leadership.

A near equal number of Democrat candidates who have yet to win their party’s nomination for their districts have also expressed their desire for a new leader in the House, should they be nominated and eventually elected to Congress.

On top of that, dozens more have staked out a neutral and non-supportive position with regard to Pelosi, neither explicitly for or against her.

Pelosi insists she has support

That is a rather significant portion of the Democrat caucus in the House, but Pelosi has at least publicly appeared unperturbed by the growing dissension in her ranks and has largely dismissed reports of her diminishing support as no big deal.

“Leader Pelosi has always enjoyed the overwhelming support of House Democrats and that will continue into the majority she’s so focused on winning,” stated Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff and spokesman.

Base of opposition

The Democrats who are on record opposing Pelosi’s continued leadership in the House basically break down into two distinct camps that cover both moderates and far-left progressives in the party.

The first camp of Pelosi’s dissidents include the more moderate Democrats running in Republican-leaning red or swing districts that fear being tied too closely to Pelosi, who is widely despised among GOP voters.

But Pelosi is also facing opposition from a number of more progressive Democrats who feel it is time for someone younger and further to the left than her to take the reins of the party going forward.

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Due to her fundraising skills, political savvy and wielded power, Pelosi may very well survive this internal challenge to her continued role as leader, but the opposition is growing and gaining strength, so much so that Pelosi may find herself overwhelmed and unable to withstand the demand that she relinquish control of the House Democrat caucus.

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